Welcome to MIT Bootcamps

The MIT Bootcamps give a taste of the "drinking from the firehose" experience at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“MIT entrepreneurship ‘bootcamps’, intense short courses taught in conjunction
with online entrepreneurship education programs, are bringing new kinds of
students to campus from all over the world, and are also being offered in other
locations where MIT is active…”

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Treks by Bootcamps

Treks are immersive learning experiences that bring innovators to unique locations around the world, and combine exploration, networking, discovery, and, of course, lots and lots and lots of unique fun and adventure.


MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp

The MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp will focus on sustainability, transparency and health.
We are exploring the breadth and diversity of the food life-cycle journey from growing food sustainably, food innovations, health and wellness and all the way to waste and recycling.

MIT Internet of Things Bootcamp

Solve big problems using tiny computers

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MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

The MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is an intensive, week-long new ventures leadership program that gives bootcampers a taste of drinking from the firehose that all MIT students experience. It is a nexus connecting entrepreneurs from around the world to the entrepreneurship and innovation eco-system surrounding the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.