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The online courses (MOOCs)* teach the same innovation framework and curriculum taught in core entrepreneurship classes at MIT.


User Innovation: A Pathway to Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer?


Entrepreneurship 102: Do You Have a Product?


Entrepreneurship 103: Show me the Money!


Apply to an MIT Bootcamp

“The Bootcamp will be the most intense educational experience of your life.”

We all have hidden obstacles on our path to extraordinary impact. Lack of knowledge. Poor discipline. Ego. The Bootcamp will reveal what your obstacles are. If this is what you want, the Bootcamp is for you.

When you come out on the other end, you also will be armed with a comprehensive toolkit for innovation and leadership. What is more, you will develop lifelong bonds with innovators from all over the world.

The Bootcamp is a highly selective program, but we care little for your credentials, grades and test scores. Ultimately, they matter little.

We look for individuals who demonstrate initiative with follow through, capacity for calculated risk, critical openness and commitment to community. The Bootcamp will strengthen your systems thinking, infuse you with a collaborative identity and focus your mindset on the long-term.

If this is you and what you want to become, and are ready to sacrifice comfort to achieve it, we want to hear from you – wherever you are, whatever you do.

Join our global MIT innovation community. We are an inclusive meritocracy.

* You can apply prior to enrolling in the online courses. If offered admission, you will be expected to have a clear understanding of the concepts and terms that are usually acquired by completing the courses.

MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

The MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is a new program from MIT for global innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers. Participants will come to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for an intense, week-long program to learn how to build innovation-driven ventures. Apply by April 4, 2018.

MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp

The MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp will focus on sustainability, transparency and health.
We are exploring the breadth and diversity of the food life-cycle journey from growing food sustainably, food innovations, health and wellness and all the way to waste and recycling.

MIT Internet of Things Bootcamp

Solve big problems using tiny computers

MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

The MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is an intensive, week-long new ventures leadership program that gives bootcampers a taste of drinking from the firehose that all MIT students experience. It is a nexus connecting entrepreneurs from around the world to the entrepreneurship and innovation eco-system surrounding the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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