What are Treks by Bootcamps?

Treks are immersive learning experiences that bring innovators to unique locations around the world, and combine exploration, networking, discovery, and, of course, lots and lots and lots of unique fun and adventure. Treks opens doors to people and organizations who are agents of change. You will ask critical questions and uncover trends and phenomena. And the best of all, you will bond with your fellow trekkers, the dreamers and doers, hand-picked by MIT.

The Business of Culture Trek – Vienna, Austria, Aug 24-27, 2017

Our first Trek, "The Business of Culture", is a four day trip to Austria. This Trek blends cultural delight – attending concerts, visiting museums, tasting wines and specialties – with business insight to better understand how cultural organizations work and how businesses blend craftsmanship, passion and cultural heritage.

On this Trek we will ask and pursue this question, "What is the future of culture and culture businesses in the day and age of digital boundlessness?"

“The Business of Culture is where music, passion
and the arts meets science, data & analysis…
we will explore how culture works as a business”

You will enjoy outstanding performances and, through these, gain behind-the-scenes insights to develop learnings that help managers in both the cultural as well as the business world. The cost to attend is USD$4000 ($3000 for Bootcamp alums), this includes accommodation at a highly rated hotel, all meals, transportation to and from Salzburg and tickets to events (flight not included).

Don't delay, Bootcamp alumni have already signed up. Only a limited number of spaces for this Trek remain.