Our latest Global Innovators E-Seminar features three experts from around the world in the sports industry. They will discuss their experiences in the sports industry and the key trends, lessons, and challenges they have faced during their time as entrepreneurs, researchers, and athletes. Inga and Nico will be moderating a conversation with Caiti Donovan, Co-Founder and CMO of the sports non-profit, SheIS.
Key takeaways from Caiti, Inga, and Nico
  • The sports industry is growing. Opportunities are quickly becoming available and the industry is pivoting to the changing needs of fans, athletes, and other stakeholders.
  • Consumption of sports is changing. You can’t binge watch sports in the same way you can binge TV shows, so we must change how we engage fans.
  • E-Sports will happen. It’s not a question when, but of how they’ll be regulated and how we integrate them into the sports landscape.
  • Data, data, data. Whether it’s data collection, data analyzation, or the need for more data, it’s become the cornerstone of the future of sports.
  • Importance of diversity in sports. Girls drop out of sports at 2x the rate of boys by the age of 12. Shows girls and boys there is a future in sports by having women at all levels and roles in the sports industry.

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