Rodrigo Macias’s path to the Bootcamp began with a gradual realization that he could be a better doctor as an entrepreneur.  “I started my entrepreneurial journey as a teenager when a very close family member passed away at the hospital.  I realized that nothing is granted.  And that’s why I became a doctor, to help people and save lives.”

But, adds Rodrigo, “In med school, I realized that healthcare can be very primitive. It relies on the human factor, and this can introduce terrible mistakes into the process.  This is one of the reasons why ultimately I decided to become an entrepreneur: I wanted to save lives but I also wanted to create innovations that ensured that healthcare did no harm.”

With this ambition Rodrigo founded the BrainX Institute, a precision neurology company that helps doctors and mental health professionals choose optimal treatment plans based on each patient’s diagnosis.  But, Rodrigo felt, he needed to match knowledge to his ambition.

“I didn’t have enough resources or skills to run the project by myself and I wanted to improve my leadership ability,” says Rodrigo.  This is why he chose to attend the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp from his hometown of Guadalajara in Mexico.  “Now I have the skills needed and the confidence to keep going.  BrainX will not only help people get more personalized treatments, we will make a leap in the journey to revolutionize mental health.”

“The Bootcamp has changed my life,” continues Rodrigo. “Now I’m partnering with a genomics institute in Mexico. We will be able to give personalized doses of drugs needed to minimize harmful side effects. Eventually, mental health providers will be able to use the BrainX’s platform to optimize drug selection and dosage for every patient.”

All the while Rodrigo’s venture is developing, Rodrigo’s partnership with the MIT Bootcamps team continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Recently, Rodrigo was selected to be a Mentor for the online course You Can Innovate offered by the MIT Bootcamps team.  Says Rodrigo, “This is the most exciting thing that I’ve achieved in my entire life: being able to collaborate with MIT to teach entrepreneurship and to help young innovators to grow as entrepreneurs.”

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