Associate Dean, Asia School of Business

Prof. Dr. Loredana Padurean is the Associate Dean at the all new Asia School of Business, a collaboration between the Central Bank of Malaysia and MIT Sloan School of Management, and an International Faculty Fellow at MIT Sloan. As the school’s first hire, Loredana has been an energizing force behind the establishment of the school and, in particular, the development of MIT Sloan-devised action learning programs in Asia, in collaboration with corporate partners in the region. She is a global entrepreneurial academic with a track record of program, school, and intellectual leadership for multiple degree program business units and an international keynote speaker that shared the stage with Steve Wozniak, Bob Geldof, ministers, deans, authors and public figures in the United States, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

Prof. Fine and Prof. Padurean most recent research, “Jungle, Mountain, Ocean – a Startup Journey”, focuses on understanding how companies nail it, scale it and sail it. The framework analyzes the complex journey that successful companies go from a small start-up to a mature sail-up. The metaphor “Jungle, Mountain, Ocean” defines the different obstacles of these various stages of growth while the “ Nailing, Scaling, Sailing” is a shorthand for the different stages and attributes of the life cycle. The course provides tools required for successful scaling such as: processification, professionalization, platformization, automation, collaboration, segmentation, culturalization and more and suggests that one must understand the entire evolutionary process and the nature of each stage in order to better prepare for the entire journey.