In this E-Seminar, Jeff Abbott, and MIT Sloan graduate Scott Johnson, co-founders of Global Scaling Academy, will share how Global Scaling Academy and Blitzscaling Ventures have converted the Blitzscaling framework into a tool that may be used to assess the scaling potential of startups. Case studies will be presented of how we have scored several current startups, followed by open discussion with the group about why we scored them as we did. Participants are free to agree or disagree, as they might have assessed the startups differently. In the latter half of the session, we will discuss how participants evaluated their own ventures using our online “Blitzscalability Assessment.” Time and willing volunteers permitting, we may even discuss and offer feedback about how several participants’ have scored their companies in a group setting.
As preparation for this E-Seminar, participants are requested to complete the Blitzscalability Assessment available at
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