How to solve employee training problems for technical systems or operations using VR

In this E-Seminar, you’ll understand how top global 2000 companies are using VR training at scale to generate significant ROI and savings for their bottom line. You’ll learn how to integrate VR into existing training programs, set your baselines metrics, break down a plan to scale, and quantify training results, a process that has been traditionally extremely hard to measure.
Actionable Starting Points:
  • Do you have an employee training problem on complex technical systems or operations?
  • Are you not able to track your technical employee training?
  • Is your technical employee training dangerous or expensive?
  • Small steps for implementing VR today and how to measure success
  • Why your company should look at VR today and AR in the future
If you’re curious about immersive technology, this session will give you the knowledge for systematically implementing virtual reality training in your organization and what you can expect from the technology in the future.

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