Timothy Ward is CEO of CluedIn, serial entrepreneur, veteran software engineer and focused in search, graph and large data processing. Tim spent the last 5 years focused on building a modern and sophisticated data integration platform. Tim was an early lead product engineer of the successful Danish Unicorn company, Sitecore. Surrounded by fantastic talent at CluedIn, focused on helping companies become data driven.
During this E-Seminar, Tim will go through the status of larger companies data efforts, problems and potentials. Data is growing at an exponential rate and companies are struggling to harvest the value and manage the large amounts of data.
This is a story of how companies embark on the journey to become data-driven and how modern day technologies can help get data to the forefront of business where it is needed. Tim will touch upon common data use cases, practicalities like cleaning and normalizing data at an enterprise level, how to connect data and how a fast and steady supply of data to the business is the prerequisite for creating a data culture.
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