AI is a fundamental, transformative technology like the microprocessor or the Internet. In the coming decades it will impact nearly all aspects of business. Unfortunately, few good resources exist for our future business leaders to learn about practical AI solutions and how to integrate them into their businesses. In this E-Seminar, Kevin Dewalt of Prolego will teach individuals how AI can generate revenue in business applications, how to identify and develop AI use cases within your business environments and how to mitigate risks on any new AI initiative.
You will be able to put these new skills to immediate use at your company or startup. This is a business skills training and not a technical training. You won’t learn how to build a neural network or perform feature engineering. Instead, they will learn how to use fundamental AI concepts such as training data, machine learning, deep learning in customer conversations and proposals. You will learn how to identify emerging business opportunities for AI solutions like computer vision and natural language processing.
Kevin Dewalt is the CEO and co-founder of Prolego and has 25 years of experience as a corporate innovation leader, entrepreneur, and startup investor.
Key lessons from Kevin
  • Identify the AI product pattern; Computer Vision, NLP, Next-in-sequence Predictions, Collaborative Filters
  • Natural Language Processing may hold the most opportunities for entrepreneurs
  • Deep learning handles complexity, but get the data first!
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