Have you experienced writers block? Or have been stuck in the middle of a problem for hours? Have you ever felt like you cannot find the creative solution you’re looking for? Design Thinking is the name of a technique used to solve problems the way a designer would ¬– using a blank slate, creativity, the desire to take a risk to solve a problem. Combined with a willingness to fail and iteration to figure it out as you go, this methodology provides a new way to look at problems. Using the techniques in her bestselling book, Reframe, Mona will discuss her approach to design thinking and how to use it to get unstuck with problems. The E-seminar will cover how to tap into one’s creative muscle to access new ideas, as well as how to identify the barriers stopping you from accessing your most creative ideas.
Mona Patel is an entrepreneur and bestselling author who has been designing better human-centered interactions for the past 20 years. Beginning her career with organizations like NASA, BMW, and Microsoft, she has helped some of the world’s largest brands understand what customers need and design systems to meet those needs. Mona’s UX agency, Motivate Design, was started in 2009 and has been on the Inc 5000 list twice. Based in New York City, Motivate (an MWBE certified company) supports companies like First Republic Bank, BlackRock, Jet.com, Tumblr, Coca-Cola, Chick-Fil-A, and PayPal with UI/UX Research, design, strategy, workshops, and staffing services.
10 Lessons To Design A Company
  1. Have a rough plan
  2. Start with The Why
  3. Do what feels right, good, and leads toward your north star.
  4. Hire people who will say, “no”.
  5. Try what corporations are scared to do.
  6. Prototype.
  7. Constantly listen.
  8. Be pulled toward uncomfortable.
  9. Iterate.
  10. Focus on details.
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