Ricky Sahu – Coder, Data Scientist, Problem Solver 
During his E-Seminar, Ricky will share his insights on how to wield data to build a successful business. In his case, how he tapped into electronic health data to build the company he co-founded, 1upHealth.
Ricky was the first employee and Director of Engineering at the D.C. based health tech startup CareJourney which analyzes claims data and publishes APIs for Accountable Care Organizations to improve care and reduce costs. In 2017, Ricky co-founded 1upHealth where his company aims to bridge the gap between patient centered data and provider needs. By using patient-generated data, 1upHealth enables applications to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs. Ricky’s vast experience spans machine learning, building scalable technology, circuit design for IoT Wifi based location sensors, blockchain smart contracts, and healthcare.
Ricky graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Systems Engineering and Economics. He previously worked at Google and Promediacorp, where he developed SEO online marketing tools using machine learning and programming crowds with tools like Mechanical Turk. While at Promediacorp, he improved SEO and online marketing for companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Forever21.
3 Key Lessons from Ricky and 1upHealth
  • Solve a problem. It’s important to identify a problem, not a solution. Now they can build medical apps fast and not worry about HIPPA, HL7 standards and other infrastructure.
  • Become familiar with the potential industry. 1upHealth was built out of a very specific context and a change in MU3 policy paved the way for 1upHealth to be effective.
  • Use data to your advantage. Seventy percent of the US population use a health app or sensor and 1upHealth leveraged this knowledge and understood how they could use this data.
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