Do you want to have an active part in the building of the city of the future; to generate solutions for technologically advanced, well-designed and socially equitable urban environments? At the MIT Future Cities Bootcamp, you will deep dive into technical advancements and future-thinking that will lead the next generation of urban development. The Bootcamp is an accelerated-learning program by MIT Bootcamps for students to learn and practice methodologies to advance ideas and create innovative ventures based on principles taught at the MIT School of Architecture and Planning.

Be part of the discussion on how the growth of future and smart cities will influence construction, transportation, civic policy, manufacturing, and the health of our planet. Learn about innovative technology and hear from global leaders in IoT, transportation, energy, health and public safety, artificial intelligence and data analytics.

+ You will emerge from the Bootcamp with a drive to approach problems and opportunities in your community with innovative solutions that create fundamental changes.

+ What’s more, you will join a global community of innovators who are passionate about tackling global challenges.

+ You will attend lectures on design thinking, civic innovation, the future of cities, and entrepreneurship from MIT instructors, and then, together with a team, implement and test course material through the fast-faced development of a new venture.

+ In one week, the Bootcamp will provide you with experiences that startup founders
face in the first 1-2 years of a new venture.

+It’s time to innovate and take part in the design of your future city.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA

The Bootcamp has been postponed.

Bootcamp Dates


Why Cities?


The past few decades have seen unprecedented growth, expansion and densification of urban centers around the globe. More people than ever are living together in mega-cities and regional conglomerates, fighting for access to space, transportation, services, air and clean water. While an effort to create the elusive smart city continues across multiple sectors, most governments are primarily focused on sustaining minimum levels of safety, shelter and mobility. We are living in a new era where the present is changing faster than the future we design for it. This is an important indication that we need to change gears and take the effort and courage necessary to design fundamental changes to the design of future cities.



Admissions to the Bootcamp is highly selective. The most successful Bootcampers display and articulate the following qualities during their admissions process: the capacity for calculated risk, open and critical thinking, focus on community and inititative with follow-through. Be prepared to talk about your experience in these four areas when you apply.



The tuition includes all program costs and meals for the duration of the Bootcamp. Please note you will still be responsible for costs of travel and accommodation. Tuition is in USD.

Past Bootcampers have come from a range of backgrounds

From city planners and educators to government officials to construction workers, collaboration is key to implement an effective and efficient future smart city and address some of the major challenges of urban life. Shaping the future city is not limited to urban planners – we all must be involved in order to drive urban innovation.

What You'll Learn


Mens et Manus

MIT was founded on the principle of “mens et manus” or learning by doing.

Learning Experience

Bootcampers are expected to be active learning partners with other Bootcampers and coaches. Lectures are interactive and project time is driven by the team. Throughout the program, Bootcampers will learn and practice a variety of new skills related to entrepreneurship and innovation. They will learn directly from MIT instructors, coaches, and guest speakers as well as through their experiences in project teams. Each Bootcamper has the opportunity to be CEO, leading the team through its project work for a day. Active learning is an experience, and in one week, the Bootcamp provides participants many experiences most entrepreneurs and innovators face in the first 1-2 years of a new venture.

Develop Innovation-Driven Venture Skills

- Identify, define, and characterize problems

- Spot opportunities for innovation

- Segment and analyze opportunities

- Evaluate and choose innovation diffusion pathways

- Evaluate and choose models of new ventures

- Conduct customer and market research both qualitatively and quantitatively

- Design customer journey

- Establish foundation of product development

- Evaluate and choose market strategy

- Develop an in depth understanding of your customer

- Identify and quantify sources of value

- Map and influence customer decision making process

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Getting Ready


Take the MIT Bootcamps MOOCs. MIT’s motto is mens et manus - minds and hands - theory plus practice or action learning. MIT Bootcamps are more than a semester’s worth of work in 6 days. To be best prepared to internalize and practice everything you learn during the program (action learning), we recommend you complete the four MIT Bootcamps MOOCs (theory) before the start of the program. Each course (6-8 modules each) can be completed over a couple days if that’s all you do (we don’t recommend this), or over two to three weeks at a more relaxed pace.

User innovation: A Pathway to Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your Customer?

Entrepreneurship 102: Do you have a product?

Entrepreneurship 103: Show Me the Money!

Visa and travel

If you require a visa to travel to the United States please apply as soon as possible. Confirm with your local U.S. embassy or consulate for specific visa requirements. You may use your offer of admissions letter to the Bootcamp as a supporting document if required.

Additional resources you may find helpful

You can share the following documents with sponsors so they can understand more about the Bootcamp: