MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Future of Sustainability

Brisbane, Australia - February 10-16, 2018


What is the MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp?

The MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is a new program from MIT for global innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers. Participants will come to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia for an intense, week-long program to learn how to build innovation-driven ventures that solve global challenges in the environment, agriculture and mining resources sectors. At this MIT Bootcamp, entrepreneurs from all over the world will come together, form teams, and be challenged with finding a scalable solution by applying new technologies and ideas to solve a problem relevant to one of these resource sectors.

Watch these videos to learn more about past Bootcamps:

Final Application Deadline

November 1*


*Submit Round 1 by November 1, 12am ET (Boston Time)

Bootcamp Dates

February 10 -16



Queensland University of Technology
Gardens Point Campus

Brisbane, Australia

What's unique about attending an MIT Bootcamp?

Learning Experiences

Bootcampers are expected to be active learning partners with other Bootcampers and coaches. Lectures are interactive and project time is driven by the team. Throughout the program, Bootcampers will learn and practice a variety of new skills related to entrepreneurship and innovation, both from MIT faculty, MIT coaches, and guest speakers as well as through their experiences in project teams. Each Bootcamper has the opportunity to be CEO, leading the team through its project work for a day. Active learning is an experience, and in one week, the Bootcamp provides participants many experiences most entrepreneurs and innovators face in the first 2-3 years of a new venture.


And much more from MIT's innovation frameworks, world-class experts and innovators...

What to expect at Bootcamp

Here's what past Bootcampers have said about their experience...

The Bootcamp is for...

– Early stage entrepreneurs
– Serial entrepreneurs
– Individuals in transition
– Doctors
– Graduate Student & Researchers
– Innovation Managers
– Family Business owners
– Product Managers
– NGO Leaders
– Corporate Professionals
– Designers & Creatives
– Professors & Educators


Why come to Australia?

Leaders at MIT realize that there is an immense need to use technology to solve challenges in the environment, agricultural and mining sectors. With support from the Queensland State Government and Queensland University of Technology (QUT), MIT is committed to bringing the most innovative entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers to QUT’s Gardens Point campus in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia to develop scalable technological innovations to address these global challenges.

Natural resources are key to economic growth. How the world’s resources are used, renewed, managed and maintained impacts on economic and societal wellbeing. The Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s natural wonders spanning an area of 344,000 kms off the coast of Queensland, Australia was recently valued at AUD$56 Billion. The natural resource wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef, exists alongside Australia’s development and use of other natural resources in the mining and agricultural sectors. Challenges affecting one sector affect others, while technological innovations in one sector may have unexpected positive effects on another. The aim of this MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is to innovate and develop technological-enabled innovations to solve challenges in the environment, agricultural and mining sectors.

Trek: Sustainability in Context
February 7-10, 2018

The Trek is an optional three day, three night trip to the Great Barrier Reef and potentially agriculture and mining sites before the MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp officially begins on February 10. The Trek will allow participants to understand sustainability in the context of sectors important to Queensland State's future.

The trek will cost USD $2000, this includes flights to/from Brisbane, local transportation, shared accommodation, and food. We are unable to provide scholarships towards Trek fees.

The Bootcamp is headlined by:


Bill Aulet

Bill Aulet


Guest Coach


Brian Subirana

Brian Subirana



Bootcamp Team

Admissions Process and Criteria

Admissions to the MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is highly selective. The most successful Bootcampers had these qualities before attending that contributed to their success at the Bootcamp and beyond:


Capacity for calculated risk


Initiative with follow-through


Open and critical thinking


Focus on community

The team at MIT Bootcamps selects the best applicants from all over the world to create a cohort of innovators with the potential to change the world. The application process consists of three rounds:

Round 1

Submit background information and resume

Round 2

Submit a 60-second video or 3-slide deck introducing yourself so we can get to know you better

Round 3

Video Essay

Round 4

Live Interview & Entrepreneurship Skills Assessment*

After completing the interview, you will receive an admissions decision for the MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. NOTE: admissions are conducted on a rolling basis! The sooner you apply to the Bootcamp, the sooner the team will process your application.

*As part of the application process, you will receive a complimentary Entrepreneurship Skills Assessment to help you understand what you need to focus on in order to achieve a higher level of success in your innovation journey.



*USD. Covers program and food for the duration of the MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. Please note you will still be responsible for cost of travel and accommodation. Please don't worry about the cost to attend, just apply.

Scholarship Consideration

Impact Scholarships

MIT Bootcamps awards a handful of Impact Scholarships based on past accomplishments and future potential. Amounts of up to USD $3000** towards tuition fees will be awarded to exceptional candidates.

Candidates shortlisted for scholarships will need to show demonstrated impact in their work and have a strong vision and plan for future impact. Someone familiar with your work or other initiatives must submit a letter of recommendation by November 1, 2017 for you to be considered for an Impact Scholarship.

**Travel and accommodation not included. Awarded scholarship amount will be deducted from the total cost of tuition.

Queensland University of Technology Scholarships

QUT offers three full scholarships to participants based in Queensland selected for the Bootcamp. One scholarship is specifically for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participant.

Cotton Research & Development Corporation (CRDC) Scholarships

The Cotton Research & Development Corporation offers three full scholarships to Australian participants selected for the Bootcamp. To apply, click the ‘apply now’ button on this page and follow the steps. In addition, please submit your response to the following questions in a PDF document by November 30, 2017 to

– Describe your idea/innovation and discuss how this would lead to improved sustainability
– Describe how you would like to implement your idea
– Demonstrate how participation in the Boot camp experience would provide benefits back to Australian cotton and agriculture

Fundraising - The Entrepreneurship Challenge

For each program, MIT can only offer scholarships to a handful of candidates, so if you are admitted, please do not wait to come up with funding until we have made scholarship decisions and let your ability to attend be determined by this decision.

The MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp journey does not start on the first day of the program but rather from the moment you begin your application. If you are unable to self-fund, sponsorship, crowdfunding, and other scholarships are potential sources of funding for tuition. Researching the appropriate sources and crafting your message to approach them and convince them to invest in your future are skills that you will practice often on your journey as a successful innovator. Instead of seeing raising funds for tuition as an obstacle or setback, see it as a challenge to overcome as an innovator.

Sponsorship Kit:

You can share the following documents with sponsors so they can understand more about the MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp:

Visa Information

You can find more information about getting a visa for Australia at the following website link:

Please visit this site to understand the process, documents required, and timeline to receive a visa based on your nationality when you begin your MIT Bootcamp application. In the past, very qualified MIT Bootcamp applicants have been unable to attend because they did not apply for their visa in time or provide all the information required.

Please apply for your Australian visa as soon as you receive your admissions letter. The visa application process can take up to 6-8 weeks or more depending on your nationality, so please be proactive and apply for your visa as soon as possible.

How should you prepare for the MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp?

Take the MIT Bootcamps MOOCs *. MIT’s motto is mens et manus - minds and hands - theory plus practice or action learning. MIT Bootcamps are more than a semester’s worth of work in 6 days. To be best prepared to internalize and practice everything you learn during the program (action learning), we recommend you complete the four MIT Bootcamps MOOCs (theory) before the start of the program. Each course (6-8 modules each) can be completed over a couple days if that’s all you do (we don’t recommend this), or over two to three weeks at a more relaxed pace.

* You can apply prior to enrolling in the online courses. Please aim to complete them prior to attending the Bootcamp in February 2018.


User innovation: A Pathway to Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your Customer?


Entrepreneurship 102: Do You Have a Product?


Entrepreneurship 103: Show Me the Money!

Do you have what it takes?

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