As a COO and founder of Tenacity (acquired by Cogito Corp), Hanna was involved in all aspects of running an early business, including fundraising, finance, operations, and product development. Using research from the MIT Media Lab, Tenacity reduced attrition in call centers by building an online platform for call center agents that taught them how to better manage their stress.

She began her career at a think tank, researching technology trends. She went on to consult on technology marketing and acquisition with top universities, the federal government, startups and many world-beating companies like P&G, Avon, and Dow Corning. She helped them bring cutting edge technologies to market and won an innovation award from NASA. Hanna has also worked with USAID –funded projects to promote remote Internet access in developing countries.

Hanna earned her MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and an MA from the University of Sussex, UK. She did her undergraduate in Economics in Belarus. Hanna is passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, the future of health and education, and tries to “make sense of it all” at