Basit Chaudhry, an internal medicine physician, medical technologist, and CEO of Tuple Health, Inc., began his entrepreneurial journey after leaving his research position with IBM Research to develop Tuple Health. As Tuple Health has grown the catalytic community and support of the MIT Bootcamps has been key.

“Just an amazing experience”, exclaimed Basit. “It’s been wonderful to be a part of not only that week, but then the larger community that [MIT Bootcamps] created”, he added.

Basit’s great breakthrough came as he identified a broken healthcare system both in the United States and worldwide, where patients more often than not would have negative experiences and interactions with the system itself – despite healthcare providers acting, for the most part, in good faith and with patient interest at heart.



“Tuple Health” by Yanting Cao, 2017


With the U.S. healthcare system generally mirroring a time and materials service model – where services are performed in isolation and paid for immediately – patients often feel overwhelmed and find services overpriced. Basit saw this need and created Tuple Health to provide better healthcare at a lower cost. The insight that makes this possible? Taking and transforming to be clinically meaningful exhaust data collected by practitioners, providing analysis, and bettering deliver care to patients.

Trying to grow Tuple Health, Basit was, nonetheless, beginning his journey as an entrepreneur. He turned to Bill Aulet’s “Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup,” which soon led to his participation in the MIT’s online course on edX, “Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your Customer?” to better learn how to grow his business, use a disciplined approach to apply learnings from end users, and build from the methodology more broadly.

“To make all these resources available to a community at-large…was really wonderful,” he commented, adding that his next venture was to apply to, and attend, the MIT Bootcamp described as a “fantastic decision”.

The MIT Bootcamp alumni were “so giving of their time…You can just tell by invitation that if they felt this way [about the bootcamp], and they’d gone through it, it must be something special.”

Now having gone through and reflecting on the MIT Bootcamp, Basit takes the skills he’s learned and continually applies it to Tuple Health. As the company continues to expand and make progress into other markets it stands as a testament to the Bootcamp’s continued catalytic impact.