Angela Scott was part of the pioneering team that cloned Dolly the Sheep and has spent her career translating cell-based products from the bench to clinic. Today, Angela is Founder and COO of Scotland’s TC BioPharm.

At around the time when Angela learned about the Bootcamp from fellow entrepreneurs in Scotland, TC BioPharm was facing major strategic decisions linked to overseas development of the company’s innovative cancer immunotherapy. Making the right choices was critical. “I’m a steadfast believer in self-help, so I enrolled in the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp to acquire the skills I needed to lead my company to the next phase,” explains Scott.

“The Bootcamp program taught me how to think more strategically, enabling me to make key decisions in a more focused and pragmatic manner,” says Scott. “I also happen to be a very hands-on ‘can-do’ sort of person. The program gave me the support to successfully take the company from strength to strength, continuing as we aim to bring improved quality of life to patients in a wider international market.”

Since completing the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, Scott has focused on several key areas. She has worked on expanding her company’s in-house manufacturing capability to accommodate phase IIb/III clinical trials, led development of an innovative second generation safe CAR-T immuno-oncology product, and given workshops to final year undergraduates attending Glasgow Caledonian University.

TC BioPharm recently closed a series-A fundraising in excess of $7.5 million.

“The Bootcamp provided me with entrepreneurial tools and techniques to make informed decisions, all of which I now use as my company faces the challenges of international scale out into the EU and U.S.,” explains Scott. “The Bootcamp also made me realize that good ideas are not enough – you need robust commercial execution and delivery on business objectives to transform great ideas into blockbusters.”

The MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is designed to help students acquire skills that complement their existing areas of expertise. The program’s focus is on helping professionals understand entrepreneurial best practices that they can apply to their own fields, be it to start their own companies or manage growth more effectively in established companies.

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