Sebastian Serrano

Co-Founder & CEO, Ripio
Sebastian is a young entrepreneur from Argentina and an renowned expert on Blockchain technology. Starting as a skillful developer at an early age and then leading a successful IT startup, Sebastian built the first Bitcoin payment gateway in Latin America in 2013. A year later, he launched the digital wallet Ripio, offering fiat-to-crypto brokerage plus credit solutions and a full suite of financial services for consumers. With Ripio, Sebastian and his team aim to democratize the new digital economy in emerging markets.
During the E-Seminar, Sebastian will share the story behind Ripio -one of the first crypto companies in Latin America- and the path that lead him from his hometown in Patagonia to become a Blockchain pioneer. Being a passionate developer and an avowed “full-time nerd”, Sebastian had a deja vu in 2012 comparing the Bitcoin revolution with the first years of the Internet and gathered a team to build the access infrastructure for the new digital economy. Having raised funds from the top 5 Blockchain investors in Silicon Valley (including Tim Draper), Sebastian’s Ripio is now one of the leading fintech companies born in Argentina and one of the most promising crypto brands in the world.
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