Vitor Olivier – Developer, Entrepreneur, FinTech-er   
Vitor is a partner at Nubank, Brazil’s largest financial technology company with over 4 million customers. He joined Nubank in 2014 and has helped build, maintain, and scale their financial products, accounting systems, and securitization strategy. Since 2016 he has lead the team that developed NuConta, Nubank’s digital checking account. Before Nubank, Vitor worked with credit, foreign exchange and trading at BTG Pactual, one of the largest independent investment banks in Latin America. Vitor graduated from Duke University in 2011 with a double major in Economics and Computer Science.
During his E-Seminar, Vitor will share how Nubank is disrupting the Brazilian banking industry, a highly regulated, consolidated, and complex market. By leveraging design, data science, and software engineering, Nubank is changing the fintech landscape as we know it.
#FunFact – In 2018, Nubank became only the third Brazilian company to become a unicorn, a privately held startup company valued over $1 billion.
Vitor’s Key Insights
  • Understand your customer. This is a non-negotiable for Nubank.
  • Focus on a particular segment. Selecting a set of personas can drive more value and from there you can iterate your product.
  • It doesn’t need to be perfect. Getting out a minimum viable product (MVP) is better than waiting two years to get to market.
  • Look to the market for insights. Nubank saw their opening as Brazil had over 300% higher credit card APR’s than other countries.

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