Hannah Hagen – Student, Bootcamper, Entrepreneur    
Hannah Hagen is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Oncology and Cancer Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Hannah’s research focus is in Uveal melanoma, working out of the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research.
Prior to attending the MIT-Harvard Medical School Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp last August, she was unsure of what career path to follow after graduation. During the Bootcamp, she discovered new career possibilities involving innovation, entrepreneurship, and management – as well as how to apply her existing skill set to these opportunities.
In this Global Innovators E-Seminar, Hannah shares her Bootcamp experience with us. She’ll explain why she decided to attend the Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp, what she learned the most from her experience, and what she is planning to do next with the insights she learned.
Behind the Bootcamp: Hannah and her team, Airway, won the final pitching competition at the MIT Harvard Medical School Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp last June.
The non-negotiables in Hannah’s career path 
  • Commercial Impact. She hopes to go into Management Consulting post-graduation and continue to use her research knowledge to help others.
  • Diverse Teams. Working with people from a wide range of backgrounds and careers inspired Hannah and helped shape her perspective.
  • Mentorship. With great mentors at MIT in both her research lab and during the Bootcamp, Hannah articulated how strongly she wants a solid mentorship program throughout her career.
  • Team communication & team delegation. It’s the best way to execute on deliverables in a short period of time.
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