MIT Venture Scaling Bootcamp

Cambridge, MA | September 23-26, 2019



Many entrepreneurs tried, too few survived. How many have scaled?

You nailed your value proposition. You found your product-market fit, so now what?

In this 4-day sprint with MIT Bootcamps, you will hand-craft a much-needed plan to address your own scaling challenges and work towards building your startup into a massively valuable company.

Scaling is tough to do alone, and you don’t have to. If you have started up, our goal is to support you in scaling up, wherever you are.

Your challenges will be channeled by the caring, nurturing, always-available facilitation by MIT and the lifelong bonds with your fellow entrepreneurs:

  • You will become part of our highly-selective community of global entrepreneurs who are growing their startups, just like you.

  • Your MIT Coach who has already crossed that bridge will work with you from dawn to dusk, guiding you with instant, rigorous, and personalized feedback.

You will learn first-hand from world-class scaling thought leaders and practitioners:

  • You will gain unique, proven, but sometimes counterintuitive perspectives directly from entrepreneurial executives who had successfully scaled up ventures across industries, business models, and regions.

  • You will be equipped with strategic frameworks and tactical methodologies from Professors at MIT and Asia School of Business to prepare your organization to scale.

Most importantly, you will leave with an actionable plan customized to grow your startup, and a lifelong community to carry you throughout that journey.

You are not alone. Let’s scale your startup together!

Application Deadline

Accepting Applications

Bootcamp Dates

Sept 23 - 26




Teams of two or more participants will receive additional private coaching from scaling experts.

Refund Policy and Terms and Conditions

What You'll Learn

Evaluate and Understand Your Scaling Potential

  • Frameworks to analyze the complex journey that successful companies go through from a small start-up to a mature scale-up, including processification, professionalization, platformization, automation, collaboration, segmentation, culturalization and more 
  • How to evaluate the current scalability of your business
  • The growth factors and growth limiters that impact your company’s ability to scale, plus how to begin building them into your business

Learn Proven Methodologies to Scale Your Company

  • Proven business model patterns of companies that have successfully Blitzscaled
  • Management and strategy innovations necessary to manage hyper-growth
  • How a VC investor evaluates scalability, and would view your company and team today
  • How to Identify and work effectively with corporations as customers, partners or investors

Apply Practical Strategies to Your Scaling Plan

  • Go through the guided process to customize a scaling plan for your company
  • Refine your scaling plan with feedbacks from your Coach (the scaling experts) and your Tribe (fellow scaling founders).
  • Execute and pivot your plan with the continuous support from your Coach and Tribe after the Bootcamp

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The Bootcamp Experience

Who It's for

MIT Venture Scaling Bootcamp is for founders, CEOs, key leadership team members whose ventures have demonstrated product-market fit and now ready to scale up.


Loredana Padurean
Associate Dean, Asia School of Business

Associate Dean, Asia School of Business Prof. Dr. Loredana Padurean is the Associate Dean at the all new Asia School of Business, a collaboration between the Central Bank of Malaysia and MIT Sloan School of Management, and an International Faculty Fellow at MIT Sloan. As the school’s first hire, Loredana has been an energizing force…

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Chris Yeh
Investor, Writer, Mentor, Entrepreneur

Investor, Writer, Mentor, Entrepreneur Chris Yeh is the co-founder of the Global Scaling Academy, which teaches individuals and organizations how to plan for and execute on hypergrowth as well as founding partner of Blitzcaling Ventures. Chris has founded, advised, or invested in over 100 high-tech startups since 1995, including 9-figure companies like Ustream (investor, advisor,…

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More coaches to be announced

Jeff Abbott
Co-Founder of Global Scaling Academy,Partner at Blitzscaling Ventures

Jeff Abbott is the co-founder and Managing Partner of the Global Scaling Academy, which teaches individuals and organizations how to plan for and execute on hypergrowth, and a founding partner at Blitzscaling Ventures. Jeff has been involved with digital technology-based innovation since 1999, when he founded and scaled Tienda Mabe, Latin America’s largest online appliance…

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bootcamper profiles

Diving into Entrepreneurship with Raman Saggu

Written by Samantha Costanzo Carleton Colleagues and friends had often remarked on Raman Saggu’s entrepreneurial streak, but she didn’t give those comments much thought until a chance encounter at a friend’s birthday party. Up until then, she had focused solely on an academic career. A British neuroscientist with a D.Phil. in Medical Sciences from the University...
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Margarita Camus

Written by Samantha Costanzo Carleton Many of the attendees at any given MIT Bootcamp are there to learn about entrepreneurship because they’ve already founded their own companies. Many more are seriously considering becoming founders themselves. Margarita Camus, who attended the Brisbane, Australia Bootcamp in February 2019, falls into a category all her own: She was there...
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Nidhi Sharma Bringing the Bootcamp Experience back to India

Nidhi Sharma began her entrepreneurial journey in India. After graduating from college with an Electrical Engineering degree, she founded Ukhaad Electronics, which runs workshops and training to introduce colleges and schools in India to STEM subjects. Nidhi Sharma’s business was profitable and growing, but she felt she needed a unique education in entrepreneurship and innovation…

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Keiana Cavé Forbes 30 under 30, Energy 

Keiana Cave began researching the 2010 BP oil spill in her hometown of New Orleans with Tulane University at 15. She designed a method that allows the Environmental Protection Agency to identify certain toxins that form as photoproducts during oil spills. But she soon got tired of the academic route and this past summer attended the…

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Admissions to the Bootcamp is highly selective. The most successful Bootcampers had the following qualities before attending that contributed to their success at the Bootcamp and beyond:

Capacity for Calculated Risk

Success happens when preparation meets opportunity. But seizing new opportunities comes with an inescapable amount of risk. We look for applicants who are confident and calculated risk takers, and can weigh when it makes sense to embark on a new venture, pivot, or start anew.

Focus on Community

At MIT we believe that the team is more important than the idea. Great teams make amazing companies and can turn average ideas into life-changing innovations. Ideal candidates will put the team above themselves, and have a strong track record of contributing to their community.

Open and Critical Thinking

Developing your venture will require collaboration and openness to new ideas. We look for individuals with an ability to combine critical thinking with an open mind.

Initiative with Follow-Through

Anyone can start a new venture, but what separates the thriving businesses from those that fail is follow-through. We looks for applicants that start new ventures, but will follow-through even when the going gets tough.


Admissions are conducted on a rolling basis. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will receive a decision at each round. Don’t wait. Show your commitment by applying early.

Getting Ready

Visa and travel

If you require a visa to travel to the United States please apply as soon as possible. Confirm with your local U.S. embassy or consulate for specific visa requirements. You may use your offer of admissions letter to the Bootcamp as a supporting document if required.

Additional resources you may find helpful

You can share the following documents with sponsors so they can understand more about the Bootcamp:

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