Speaker & Mentor

Laurie Stach is an MIT instructor, founder and executive director of MIT Launch high school entrepreneurship program, and Commander of MIT ProtoWorks maker space. Laurie brings together a unique combination of engineering and design background with business experience to engage and inspire others, plus create real change in education. She has a degree in mechanical engineering from MIT that she used working at GE Energy and BMW Designworks after her undergraduate. She then received her MBA from Harvard Business School and worked as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group, starting MIT Launch on the side of consulting, and now being hired by MIT to run high school entrepreneurship education.

Over the last several years, she has sought to prepare students for success beyond the classroom through focusing on practical skills and mindset development by teaching them to start real companies.  This was born from her frustration that education should do more than test on items that one could google the answer these days.  Education should allow students to explore their ambitions and creativity while building the skills and mindset to be successful in the real world – resourcefulness, adaptability, and innovation.  MIT Launch is working to redefine educational success metrics while allowing students to create something real.  The flagship of MIT Launch is a summer program driven by a team of professionals and mentors from all over the world.  MIT Launch is continually expanding to reach more students with its innovative content and teaching method, rolling out Launch Clubs to several hundred high school and launching an online course for aspiring entrepreneurs that is in its third run.

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