The MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp has taken David Anderton from Financial Times journalist to Chief Technology Officer, as we wrote when we profiled him back in 2016.

And David, who has since been nominated to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, credits the experience with another major, more recent career change — creating scalable technologies that evolve with user inventiveness at the MIT Media Lab.

“I picked up valuable soft skills during the Bootcamp — confidence and the ability to work more effectively within a team,” he says. “I gained huge opportunities for the future because of the Bootcamp. I want to give something back.”

Through the Bootcamp, he received mentorship and met talented entrepreneurs. He was introduced to unique individuals he would go on to create, a web platform for enhancing video that was spun out of the MIT Media Lab, with.

“The community and people have been a huge part of the experience for me,” David says. participated in the MIT Delta V Accelerator, which is based out of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. 

The accelerator helped the company develop their team and prepared it to approach potential investors, David explains: “We had to meet targets each month and participate in mock meetings of the board, which determined how much funding we would get for that month based on how successful we had been.”

After leaving, David was invited to join the MIT Media Lab. He will be studying for a master’s degree in Media Arts and Sciences there.

“One of the things that excites me about the research is that it focuses on why people trust networks over institutions — why do we trust Airbnb over big hotel chains or digital currencies over cash?”

His entrepreneurial juices are still flowing. “I’ve been working on a startup to do with improving entrepreneurship education called Modelo,” he enthuses. The startup uses gamification to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to create and monetize a business plan.

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