MIT-HMS Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp

Cambridge, MA - August 12 - 17, 2018


The MIT-HMS Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp


You will come out the other end armed with a comprehensive toolkit for healthcare innovation.

What’s more, you will join a global community of innovators passionate about solving healthcare related problems and other innovation challenges.


The MIT-HMS Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp is a new accelerated-learning program by Harvard Medical School’s Center for Primary Care and the MIT Bootcamps.

You will attend lectures on healthcare, innovation, and entrepreneurship from faculty at both universities, and work on project teams to start a new healthcare venture in one week.


In one week, the Bootcamp will provide you with experiences healthcare entrepreneurs face in the first 1-2 years of a new venture.

It’s time to innovate! Join our global innovation community. We are an inclusive meritocracy.

Check out these short videos on our past Bootcamps:

Early Bird Application Deadline

May 1*


*Submit Round 1 by May 1, 12am ET (Boston Time)

Bootcamp Dates

August 12 - 17



Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA

Harvard Medical School

Boston, MA

What's unique about attending the MIT-HMS Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp?

Learning Experiences

Each Bootcamper has the opportunity to be CEO, leading the team through its project work for a day. Active learning is an experience, and in one week, the Bootcamp provides participants many experiences most entrepreneurs and innovators face in the first 1-2 years of a new venture.

And much more from Harvard Medical School’s Center for Primary Care's healthcare expertise, MIT's innovation frameworks, world-class experts and innovators...

What to Expect at Bootcamp

Here's what past Bootcampers have said about their experience...

Who is the Bootcamp for?


Bootcamp Instructors To Be Announced

Coaches To Be Announced

Bootcamp Team

Andrew Ngui

Andrew Ngui

Senior Program Manager, MIT Bootcamps
Eric Fillinger

Eric Fillinger

Program Coordinator for Education, Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care
Travis Hill

Travis Hill

Admin & Logistics, MIT Bootcamps
Danielle Lebedevitch

Danielle Lebedevitch

Event Manager, Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care
Megan Prock

Megan Prock

Director of Communications, Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care
Vimala Palaniswamy

Vimala Palaniswamy

Associate Director, MIT Bootcamps
Erdin Beshimov

Erdin Beshimov

Director, MIT Bootcamps
Paola Abello

Paola Abello

InciteHealth Program Director, Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care
Erin Farren

Erin Farren

Education Program Director, Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care
Thomas Bazerghi

Thomas Bazerghi

Program Coordinator, MIT Bootcamps

Admissions Process and Criteria

Admissions to the Bootcamp is highly selective. The most successful Bootcampers had the following qualities before attending that contributed to their success at the Bootcamp and beyond:


Capacity for Calculated Risk

Success happens when preparation meets opportunity. But seizing new opportunities comes with an inescapable amount of risk. We look for applicants who are confident and calculated risk takers, and can weigh when it makes sense to embark on a new venture, pivot, or start anew.

Focus on Community

At MIT we believe that the team is more important than the idea. Great teams make amazing companies and can turn average ideas into life-changing innovations. Ideal candidates will put the team above themselves, and have a strong track record of contributing to their community.

Open and Critical Thinking

Developing your venture will require collaboration and openness to new ideas. We look for individuals with an ability to combine critical thinking with an open mind.

Initiative with Follow-Through

Anyone can start a new venture, but what separates the thriving businesses from those that fail is follow-through. We looks for applicants that start new ventures, but will follow-through even when the going gets tough.

The team at Harvard Medical School’s Center for Primary Care and MIT selects the best applicants to create a cohort of innovators with the potential to change the world. The application process consists of two rounds:

Round 1

Submit background information, resume, and 60-second video introduction

Round 2

Video Essays

Admissions Decision

After completing the Video Essays, you will receive an admissions decision for the Bootcamp

NOTE: admissions are conducted on a rolling basis! The sooner you apply to the Bootcamp, the sooner the team will process your application.


Early Bird Fee


Apply by May 1st, 2018

Standard Fee


Applications after May 1st, 2018

*USD. Covers program and food for the duration of the MIT-HMS Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp. Please note you will still be responsible for cost of travel and accommodation. Please don't worry about the cost to attend, just apply.

Fundraising - The Entrepreneurship Challenge

For each program, we can only offer scholarships to a handful of candidates, so if you are admitted, please do not wait to come up with funding until we have made scholarship decisions and let your ability to attend be determined by this decision.

The MIT-HMS Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp journey does not start on the first day of the program but rather from the moment you begin your application. If you are unable to self-fund, sponsorship, crowdfunding, and other scholarships are potential sources of funding for tuition. Researching the appropriate sources and crafting your message to approach them and convince them to invest in your future are skills that you will practice often on your journey as a successful innovator. Instead of seeing raising funds for tuition as an obstacle or setback, see it as a challenge to overcome as an innovator.

Sponsorship Kit:

You can share the following documents with sponsors so they can understand more about the MIT-HMS Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp:

Visa Information

If you require a tourist visa to travel to the United States please apply as soon as possible. Please use your admissions letter to the Bootcamp as a supporting document if required.

How should you prepare for the Bootcamp?

Take the MIT Bootcamps MOOCs. MIT’s motto is mens et manus - minds and hands - theory plus practice or action learning. MIT Bootcamps are more than a semester’s worth of work in 6 days. To be best prepared to internalize and practice everything you learn during the program (action learning), we recommend you complete the four MIT Bootcamps MOOCs (theory) before the start of the program. Each course (6-8 modules each) can be completed over a couple days if that’s all you do (we don’t recommend this), or over two to three weeks at a more relaxed pace.


User innovation: A Pathway to Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your Customer?


Entrepreneurship 102: Do you have a product?


Entrepreneurship 103: Show Me the Money!

Do you have what it takes?

Apply to the MIT-HMS Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp!