Rajesh is the Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center at Asia School of Business, a new school started by MIT-Sloan in Kuala Lumpur, and a Visiting Scholar at MIT. His work is in developing ways to catalyze innovators and entrepreneurs in rural communities from the ground up and build local entrepreneurship ecosystems.

He is the Founder of Degree Controls Inc, in Milford, NH and Founder of TechTop Trust, a nonprofit org working on promoting innovators & entrepreneurs among Indian youth since 2006.He believes that, with the right kind of exposure and training, average individuals can be transformed into entrepreneurs.

Rajesh is a Product Designer and a Serial Entrepreneur, and holds 13 US patents. He received MS degrees in Engineering & Management (MIT), Manufacturing Engineering (UMass, Amherst) and Electronic Product Design (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore). He holds Bachelor°Øs degrees in Physics and Electronics & Communications engineering.