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Come and learn with us wherever you are. Innovation is everywhere. MIT Global Innovators is a brand new E-Learning seminar series that features MIT-trained entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers who are solving challenges through new venture creation and corporate innovation initiatives.

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E-Seminar #1 – Olympian Mindset for Entrepreneurs

10am ET, Thursday, October 5, 2017


Inga Stasiulionyte

In certain ways, a top-notch entrepreneur is similar to an Olympic athlete. Entrepreneurs go through challenges to reach success that are similar to the challenges of athletes. The journey is long, full of disappointments, doubts and failures. More often than not, the dividing line is the mindset and not the raw talent or ability.

Join our E-Seminar with MIT Bootcamps coach and Olympic athlete, Inga Stasiulionyte. She will share the mental and emotional management techniques that athletes train to master. Learn how you can use these same skills to keep pushing towards your desired goals and achieve extraordinary results.

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About Inga

Inga Stasiulionyte is an Olympic javelin thrower who was coached by the best coaches in Europe and the U.S. and competed professionally for over 20 years. Alongside her athletic career and accomplishments, Inga developed a successful career in business, working with executives and professional athletes as a brain training coach. Since 2006, Inga has worked with scientists to develop trainings that help build a bulletproof mindset for extraordinary results. Her specialties lie in developing an Olympian mindset for business, mental strength, decision-making, high-level productivity, and high-level performance under pressure. Inga is a University of Southern California graduate with a BA in Entrepreneurship. She also completed International Business and Global Affairs Master’s studies at the International University of Monaco. She is a coach and speaker for MIT Bootcamps and an alumni of the program.


Lindsay Stradley


Ani Vallabhaneni

How do you scale an innovation in an emerging market? Importantly, how do you fund the scale-up? What are the combinations of financial tools – grants, prizes, venture capital – available to entrepreneurs in emerging markets? Importantly, what is the right way and the right time to use these sources of funding?

To explore these questions, join the MIT Bootcamps E-Seminar with MIT Bootcamps coaches and MIT Sloan alumni Ani Vallabhaneni and Lindsay Stradley, Co-Founders of Sanergy.

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About Sanergy

Sanergy is an MIT spinout that produces fertilizer and other agricultural bi-products through providing safe, affordable sanitation in Africa. After winning the famous MIT $100K business plan competition, the co-founders of Sanergy relocated to Nairobi, Kenya to build the venture. Over the last several years the team has attracted a combination of prize, grant, equity, and debt funding for the scale-up of the Sanergy innovation. They look forward to sharing their insights with you.

Ani oversees the expansion of Sanergy’s waste management operations. Previously, Ani turned around a chain of dialysis clinics for low-income patients in the Philippines. With a background in technology and operations, he has built startups in India and US. Ani is a Legatum Fellow, Draper Richards Kaplan Fellow and an Echoing Green Fellow. He holds an MBA from MIT Sloan and a BS from Washington University in St. Louis.

Lindsay oversees the growth of Sanergy's sanitation operations, which currently serves more than 50,000 people each day. She was previously a manager at Google in Sales & Operations, co-founded a charter high school in post-Katrina New Orleans, and was a Teach for America Corps Member. She is a Rainer Arnhold Fellow. Lindsay holds an MBA from MIT Sloan, where she was a Seibel Scholar and President of MIT Sloan Net Impact, and a BA from Yale University, where she graduated with Phi Beta Kappa honors.

E-Seminar #3 – Do Entrepreneurs Really Need Patents?

12pm ET, Thursday, October 19, 2017


Nathan Trujillo

Have you created an innovation and wonder whether you should protect it by applying for patent? Do you struggle to determine whether you need to protect your innovation in the first place? And what are the different ways of protecting your innovation and the potential tradeoffs?

If you are asking these questions, we want to hear from you at this MIT Bootcamp E-Seminar. The discussant for the seminar is an MIT Bootcamp coach, Nathan Trujillo.

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About Nathan

Nathan holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from MIT and an MBA from MIT's Sloan School of Management. He is a Manager at Analysis Group, where he specializes in financial, statistical, and economic analyses for Fortune 500 clients. His intellectual property experience includes assessing the value of multibillion-dollar patent portfolios and supporting global license negotiations for patent portfolios covering consumer and commercial products in the telecom, medical device, oil/gas, digital hardware/software industries. Dr. Trujillo is an inventor on two patents for his research on magnetic photonic crystals and has advised large corporations and startups on strategic, technical, and financial implications of intellectual property protection.

E-Seminar #4 – Building a Purpose-Driven Business

12pm ET, Thursday, October 26, 2017


Priyanka Bakaya

Building a business that is driven by a purpose deeper than profits can present its own unique opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs. How do you navigate the tradeoffs between purpose and profit? How can you use your passion for your purpose in a way that also helps the bottom line? How can you use purpose to differentiate yourself in the market place?

In this E-Seminar, we will explore how pivoting towards purpose can have a powerful impact on your enterprise, when the right processes are in place.

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About Priyanka

Priyanka Bakaya is the Founder and CEO at Renewlogy, a firm dedicated to renewing all types of waste. Renewlogy has three key initiatives through which it fulfills its core mission: Renewlogy Energy, Renewlogy Waste Zero, and Renewlogy Oceans. Through these initiatives Renewlogy helps cities and companies meet their zero waste goals, prevent waste from entering oceans, and provides companies with solutions to create higher value products from hard-to- recycle plastics.

Bakaya has worked at Venture Capital firms Accel Partners and Globespan Capital, as well as with DFJ-backed Attero Recycling. Bakaya has previously been selected as a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, a Lightspeed Venture Fellow and a Laureate for the Cartier Women’s Global Initiative. She has been named to the Fortune 40 under 40 Ones to Watch List, and Forbes 30 under 30 List in Energy. She is a graduate of MIT Sloan and Stanford University with Honors.

E-Seminar #6 – Hit the Ground Running

4pm ET, Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Vanessa Coleman

Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” While its undoubtably true that before you start you must have a dream for a way your idea will make the world better, and then you need great courage to take the leap of faith to start a business; however, having the right tools in your quiver can make that jump easier and increase your odds of landing on your feet.

Join our E-Seminar with MIT Bootcamps coach and serial entrepreneur, Vanessa Green. She will share some of her tips and tricks for identifying, and successfully connecting to and building relationships with those pivotal early customers, advisors, and industry partners you will need to de-risk your idea and get your company off the ground and accelerating.

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About Vanessa

Vanessa Coleman was the founding CEO of FINsix Corporation. As CEO of FINsix, Vanessa raised $20M in venture capital and angel investment over 3 rounds of financing; oversaw product development and team formation from R&D through product release of, Dart, a benchmark laptop and mobile device charger; closed sale to the largest laptop OEM, contributing to a multi-million-dollar NRE contract; and stood up a high-volume production line and supply chain centered in Dongguan China. In 2014, FINsix was selected as an Inc. 35 Under 35 company. Vanessa also won MIT's Patrick E. McGovern Entrepreneurship Award and was selected a Forbes 30-under-30 in Energy as a result of her work with FINsix.

Previously, Vanessa co-founded of Saha Global and remains an active member of the BOD. Founded in 2008, the NGO's mission is to get the cleanest water to the poorest people, with an initial focus on the 800,000 people that lack access to clean water in northern Ghana. In each village, entrepreneurial local women were set up with a chlorinating business that provides clean water at a price all can afford. The NGO also provides simple equipment that uses locally available materials, trains women on how to run the business, mentors them over time, and closely monitors water quality and consumption. Saha has opened 100 water businesses in rural Ghana. Vanessa holds a M.Eng. from MIT, a MBA from MIT Sloan and a B.A. in from Dartmouth College.