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What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About IP

In this new E-Learning series, join James Lampert, retired partner at WilmerHale, Harvard Law School ('64) and MIT alumnus ('61) for a comprehensive overview of what you as an entrepreneur should know about intellectual property.

A New Learning Format

The teaching and question sessions will be separated. Teaching sessions will start early each month and the Q&A sessions are scheduled at the end of the month. Questions surrounding the teaching material covered in the monthly session will be reviewed and answered at that time. By separating the teaching and question sessions, we hope to be able to provide a clear response to your learning needs.


  • October 2018

    What is a Patent?  When is it Worthwhile?
    Oct 23 – Q&A Session on Patents – Signup or Ask a Question

  • November 2018
    Getting a Patent – The Basics

  • December 2018
    Requirements of a Valid Patent

  • January 2019
    Patent Infringement

  • February 2019
    Exploiting Your IP – Licenses and Partners

  • March 2019
    Working with a University’s Technology Licensing Office

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