Miranda & Laurent
Finance professional & engineer met
and co-founded a social enterprise

The MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp teaches established business professionals entrepreneurial best practices.  The goal is to build on one’s experience and adapt it to starting a new venture.  But the Bootcamp also serves an additional role – meeting co-founders. Such was the case with Miranda Phua and Laurent Savaëte, both graduates of the inaugural MIT…


Anders Røpke
From Wind Power to
Machine Learning

Wind power industry expert, Anders Røpke has worked in offshore wind power generation for almost a decade. He has designed, constructed and operated wind farms. But over time he began to feel a sense of distance from his career.  He was good at his job and the job paid well, but something was missing. “I…


Marius Ursache

Speaker & Mentor Marius received his MD degree but quit the medical field after graduation. He founded Grapefruit, one of Romania’s first digital agencies that has won over 25 international design awards. After leaving Grapefruit in 2014, he founded Eternime, a startup that collects and preserves the thoughts, stories and memories of people through intelligent avatars…


Becky Ellis

Video Producer Rebekah Ellis is our one-woman video team. Becky comes from Cincinnati, Ohio, America’s heartland. She has an MFA in Film Production from Boston University, though she is primarily credentialed in the study of obscure pop culture trivia. Her greatest achievement has been the adoption of the world’s cutest puppy, Bowie the Pug, followed…


Ning Shirakawa

Strategic Partnerships Manager, Japan Ning is the Founder of Native Mind and Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Taktopia. Formerly a consultant with KMPG US, Ning obtained an MBA from MIT Sloan and decided to pursue her passion for inspiring and empowering students. Her two companies now provide innovative hands-on entrepreneurial education for students and businesses, opening…


Francis Nah

Program Manager Francis was a Program Manager from February-December 2016. He has progressively grown to be the heart and Seoul of the team by working on two Bootcamps (and counting) and partially translating the Entrepreneurship MOOCs into Korean. The high level of energy and dedication within the Bootcamp family truly inspire him to think about what is…