Rodrigo Macias
Medical Doctor Turned Entrepreneur

Rodrigo Macias’s path to the Bootcamp began with a gradual realization that he could be a better doctor as an entrepreneur.  “I started my entrepreneurial journey as a teenager when a very close family member passed away at the hospital.  I realized that nothing is granted.  And that’s why I became a doctor, to help…


Basit Chaudhry
From Doctor to Healthcare Entrepreneur

“After you work in your field for many years, its inefficiencies become all too apparent,” recounts Basit Chaudhry, a physician and medical technologist.  Observing the inefficiencies in plain sight day after day, Basit resolved to start a venture.  Called Tuple Health, it was a business formed from a question: How can we provide patients with…


Jamshid Hashimi
Software Engineer in Afghanistan Turned Global Social Entrepreneur

Jamshid Hashimi, the founder of CodeWeekend in Afghanistan, had dreams that soared beyond his country.  CodeWeekend was a developer community teaching people in the war-torn country technology skills for the global economy.   “I wanted to scale CodeWeekend, so that it could be applicable in other countries,” says Jamshid. “I wanted to make it a…


Laurie Stach

Speaker & Mentor Laurie Stach is an MIT instructor, founder and executive director of MIT Launch high school entrepreneurship program, and Commander of MIT ProtoWorks maker space. Laurie brings together a unique combination of engineering and design background with business experience to engage and inspire others, plus create real change in education. She has a degree in…