Jamshid Hashimi
Software Engineer in Afghanistan Turned Global Social Entrepreneur

Jamshid Hashimi, the founder of CodeWeekend in Afghanistan, had dreams that soared beyond his country.  CodeWeekend was a developer community teaching people in the war-torn country technology skills for the global economy.  

“I wanted to scale CodeWeekend, so that it could be applicable in other countries,” says Jamshid. “I wanted to make it a sustainable, global organization in multiple countries, helping developers to achieve more through learning from each other, sharing and innovating through networking and collaboration and being part of a positive impact in their societies.”

But Jamshid’s dream came with a challenge.  He was an award-winning software developer in Aghanistan, which enabled CodeWeekend’s early success.  But to expand beyond Afghanistan, Jamshid needed to broaden his entrepreneurial skill set and build a global network.  

This is what led Jamshid to the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. “I was reading about MIT in newspapers and different books about business success stories. I saw that MIT was a leading institution in the world that was associated with big achievements and innovations,” explains Jamshid. “So I first took MIT’s entrepreneurship courses on edX, and then applied to the Bootcamp in order to educate myself further and join a global network of talented and successful entrepreneurs and MIT faculty and mentors.”

At the Bootcamp Jamshid learned that, if you just focus on results and not the process, the results won’t come.  But if you keep your focus on the process that leads to the results and stay patient and work hard, the result will come.  “Execution and teamwork are the biggest portions of the pie,” says Jamshid. “Execute your vision well with a team of great people around a big vision, but start small and then passionately proceed toward big successes.”

Also at the Bootcamp, Jamshid conceived and began working on a new startup, a social book authoring platform.  Called BookZone, it is a social platform for authors to write, market, and sell their books. At BookZone authors organize events, interact with users, find agents and publishers.

“I am applying the lessons of the Bootcamp to grow BookZone successfully,” says Jamshid and credits the Bootcamp with the insights he needed to make his vision a reality.  

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