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Learn how these innovators started new social ventures in just a week

Written by Flávia Milhorance A platform that helps empower small coffee farmers in Brazil — the idea behind the startup prototype that won the pitch competition at the 8th MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil last July. The project was developed during the Bootcamp and now could be turned into reality. MIT Bootcamps are educational, week-long programs...
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Practical tips: How to apply to MIT

Samip Jain and Jakub Chudik attended the MIT Bootcamps flagship program in Summer 2015. Thereafter, having experienced a taste of what MIT was like decided to apply to the Institute to continue their studies. In this next alumni conversation series, Samip and Jakub share practical tips on the issues you need to consider when applying to...
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From Cambridge to Brazil: Why MIT Bootcamps continues going global

From Cambridge to Brazil: Why MIT Bootcamps continues going global Written by Flávia Milhorance The MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp took place in Latin America for the first time. On July 28, 2018, innovators, entrepreneurs and changemakers convened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the eighth edition of the Bootcamp. This was an intensive, week-long program, gathering 123 students...
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How to leverage an MIT Bootcamp for career transition

Learn how Vanessa, Harry, and Sue accelerated their professional journeys at an MIT Bootcamp Written by Flávia Milhorance Physiotherapist Vanessa Gurie, 38, has not slept much for the past few months. During an interview on a Tuesday night, she detailed her non-stop routine dedicated to her new venture: I-Ophthalmology, a startup that will use artificial intelligence to...
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Rio Trek: How to turn local culture into innovative businesses

Written by Flávia Milhorance From a fashion brand pioneer in sustainable design to one of the biggest music festivals in the world, a three-day expedition unveiled the ecosystem of innovation in Rio de Janeiro through the voices of local change-makers. The experience was part of the Rio Innovation Trek, a program that provides a rare opportunity...
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Emmanuel Adegboye Entrepreneurship — A Pathway to Sustainable Development in Africa

Without adequate entrepreneurship education and business support, Africa faces a very uncertain future. This might sound like a bold statement but here are some interesting statistics about Africa: Nigeria is expected to be the 3rd most populous country by 2050 with a population of over 300 million while several other African countries are projected to have more…

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Basit Chaudhry Revamping the Healthcare Industry

Basit Chaudhry, an internal medicine physician, medical technologist, and CEO of Tuple Health, Inc., began his entrepreneurial journey after leaving his research position with IBM Research to develop Tuple Health. As Tuple Health has grown the catalytic community and support of the MIT Bootcamps has been key. “Just an amazing experience”, exclaimed Basit. “It’s been…

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